Main Stem

The first ghost appeared in a purple haze of energy and wildness. In 1966 a young guitarist was offered a chance to travel to London. He was doing OK in his home country but his career really caught fire in swinging London. Sometimes in life you need to search out the 'main stem', but it takes courage to take a risk.

I Dream of Barbie

The ghost in the machine. A poetic soul trapped in a logical world of binary and rationality unable to express their innermost desires. When confronted by an absolute plastic beauty its dreams are filled with visions in pink and unfamiliar desires.

Golden Words

An ancient ghost of a king consumed by paranoia and jealousy. Words are easy, and melt away in the breeze, but actions last forever.

Mata Hari (She Dance On)

The ghost of a beautiful spy who was brought down because she was a free spirit. In a world consumed by war and men afraid of uncontrollable desires, they pinned their own failures on her. But history has forgotten their names and Mata Hari dances on.

Mr Hayes

A ghost of a dreamer. Trapped in the daily grind of a banal life, it's easy to dream of running away and living free of the treadmill. Dreams can come true, but life is never as simple as the films.

Lorelei's Warning

A beautiful and terrifying apparition. The legend of the siren Lorelei has lasted for centuries. In a world obsessed with youth and beauty it can seem like it is the way to a happy life. But be careful what you wish for, great power can cause great fear and in a golden casket a poisonous spider may lie.


Ghost of longing. When the Berlin wall went up east and west was divided. The underground on the west passed underneath the Wall and passed through 'ghost stations' on the eastern side. Guards here could be inches away from friends, family and lovers they left behind as the trains went through.

Rectory Lament

The most famous ghosts of them all. Borley Rectory was 'the most haunted house' in England. But were the ghosts real? Or phantasms from a love affair conducted in the dead of night.

Under Northern Skies

A trapped spirit is reborn