Laurence Voyager cut his musical teeth making a racket on the organ in his teens and tickling the ivories for wedding band 29 Fingers.

Working from a 'punk' DIY attitude the music is all about trying to create warm electronic music, that's not over-produced, mechanical and autotuned to death. He's often trying to combine a love of synthesizers with a love of Jimi Hendrix, for example using real sounding drums and guitars to create songs within a Jarre-esque soundscape. There's also the odd experiment with white noise and esoteric synth sounds. Other influences include Wendy Carlos, Pet Shop Boys, Eno, Bowie, Vangelis, Messiaen, Goldfrapp, Electric Six, Elton John,

All the lyrics and music are written by Laurence and recorded at his home studio. All the artwork and promotion are done by him too. So that's why it looks a bit 'homemade'. He also has a normal 9-to-5 job and is knackered.

Lyrically the lyrics can be gothic or playful but endeavour never to contain platitudes and wornout phrases.


The Quietus

'I Dream of Barbie' was chosen as part of The Quietus’s selection for the The Dark Outside broadcast
on 24 September 2017

The Guardian

Mark Burrows chose 'I Dream of Barbie' to feature in the breaking bands blog

‘We don't know a great deal about Songs from the Mysterious Castle. They claim all their songs were
whispered to them by ghosts whilst living alone in the titular fortress. Since I Dream Of Barbie is
about a computer that falls in love with a doll we must imagine there's some odd ghosts knocking
around, and that those ghosts really love Kraftwerk.’